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2017 One Book One Community Selection:

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth WeinThe Book:

Rose Justice is a young pilot from Central Pennsylvania with the Air Transport Auxiliary during the Second World War. On her way back from a semi-secret flight in the waning days of the war, Rose is captured by the Germans and ends up in Ravensbrück, the notorious Nazi women’s concentration camp. There, she meets an unforgettable group of women, including a once glamorous and celebrated French detective novelist whose Jewish husband and three young sons have been killed; a resilient young girl who was a human guinea pig for Nazi doctors trying to learn how to treat German war wounds; and a Nachthexen, or Night Witch, a female fighter pilot and military ace for the Soviet air force. These damaged women must bond together to help each other survive.

In this companion volume to the critically acclaimed novel Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein continues to explore themes of friendship and loyalty, right and wrong, and unwavering bravery in the face of indescribable evil.  Rose Under Fire has received the following awards: Schneider Family Book Award, Josette Frank Award.  And it is a Boston Globe/Horn Book Award Honor Book, Golden Kite Award Honor Book, and a ABA Indies Choice Award Honor Book (Young Adult).  This book was shortlisted for the UK Literary Association Award and the Costa Award (Children’s) and was an Audie Award Finalist (Teen). (from the author’s website)

The Author:

Born in New York City in 1964, Elizabeth moved to England when she was three and started school there. Her father Norman Wein, who worked for the New York City Board of Education for most of his life, was sent to England to do teacher training at what is now Manchester Metropolitan University, where he helped organize the Headstart program there. When Elizabeth was six, Norman was sent to the University of the West Indies in Jamaica for three years to do the same thing in Kingston. Elizabeth lived in Jamaica from 1970-1973. She loved Jamaica and as a child was fluent in Jamaican patois. It was in Jamaica that she first started reading, and consequently, first started writing. At the age of seven, she and a friend completed a “book” called The Hidden Treasure as part of a “mystery series” based on the Hardy Boys!

When her parents separated, Elizabeth and her younger brother and sister ended up back in the USA living with their mother Carol Flocken in Harrisburg, PA, where Carol’s parents were. When Carol died in a car accident in 1978, Carol’s parents took the children in and raised them. In the years immediately following her mother’s death, books were Elizabeth’s lifeline, particularly fantasy. …

Elizabeth went to Yale University, spent a work-study year back in England, and then spent seven years getting a PhD in Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where she held a Javits Fellowship. While in Philadelphia she learned to ring church bells in the English style known as “change ringing”, and in 1991 she met her future husband there at a bell ringers’ dinner-dance. Tim is English, and in 1995 Elizabeth moved to England with him, and then to Scotland in 2000.

It was Tim’s enthusiasm for small planes that inspired Elizabeth to learn to fly. Tim got his private pilot’s license in 1993 and Elizabeth got hers ten years later. Together they have flown in the States from Kalamazoo to New Hampshire; in Kenya they’ve toured from Nairobi to Malindi, on the coast, and also all over southern England. …

Achieving her private pilot’s licence inspired Elizabeth to take her more recent novels in a new direction.  Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire are set in World War II and focus on the role of female pilots during the war. Black Dove, White Raven continues the aviation theme but moves the action back to Ethiopia, this time during Mussolini’s 1935 invasion. Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire received widespread critical acclaim, with Code Name Verity becoming a New York Times Bestseller in young adult fiction.

Elizabeth also writes short stories. She and Tim have two children.  (from the author’s website)

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