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The library hosts a program every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon during the summer.  You can find the schedule of programs here.  Everyone is welcome, no sign up is required to attend programs, and all programs are free and fun for all ages!  There are reading log and activity sheets available for children under 13; children who hand in completed sheets will be entered into a prize drawing.  There are BINGO cards available for teens ages 13 to 18 and for adults as well; for complete rules and prize eligibility, please click on that tab below.  Children’s reading log/activity sheets and teen/adult BINGO cards will be available Monday, June 8, 2020; please ask at the circulation desk for a reading log/activity sheet or BINGO card.  When receiving reading log/activity sheets or BINGO cards, children and youth under age 18 will also be registered for this portion of Summer Learning.  Completed sheets and cards are due by library closing Saturday, August 15, 2020, to be eligible for the prize drawing.  Winners will be notified the week immediately following the deadline for completed sheets and cards by preferred method of contact to collect their prizes.

On Mondays at 2 p.m. STEM Discovery Club (for children ages 5 and older) meets at the library to build things, take things apart to find out how they work, conduct experiments, and much more in hands-on workshops! All programs are presented by Matthews Public Library staff unless otherwise noted.

The library is collecting recyclable supplies to use for STEM Discovery Club in Summer 2020. Supply donations may be dropped off at the library any time during library business hours between now and Monday, June 15, 2020.

July 6 Pinocchio And The Scarf Puppet: Children will learn about the tale of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who wanted to become a real boy, by Carlo Collodi. Participants will explore the science of human kinetics by creating their own scarf marionettes.
July 13 Hermes And The Lyre: Children will learn about the ancient Greek myth of the birth of Hermes, how he stole his brother Apollo’s prized cattle, and invented the lyre in the process. Participants will explore the science of sound by creating their own instruments.
July 20 Robin Hood And His Bow And Arrows: Children will learn about the tale of Robin Hood, the legendary outlaw and highly skilled archer of English folklore, who robbed the rich and gave the spoils to the poor. Participants will explore the physics of archery by creating their own bows.
July 27 Paul Bunyan And The Tall Tower: Children will learn about the tale of Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack of American folklore, and his amazing feats. Participants will explore the structural science of engineering by creating towers that Paul Bunyan’s friends can use to speak to him face to face.
August 3 Jack (And The Beanstalk) And The Parachute: Children will learn the tale of Jack and the giant beanstalk that he climbs to a land high in the sky where he steals the giant’s golden treasure. Participants will learn about the science of air resistance by creating their own parachutes to help Jack escape from the giant.

For children of all ages, this is the 2020 schedule of programs.



June 23 The ZooAmerica animals can’t wait to visit the library and all their old friends in northern Lebanon county!
June 30 MysticDrumz takes on an adventure in world music that blends music themes and interactive audience participation featuring incredible sound effects and eclectic instruments from around the world. Meet all the hilarious characters who color the show with a splash of silly.
July 7 Venture into a faraway world with ScienceTellers, where two brave villagers go on a daring journey to release the dragons and save the entire kingdom from the evil ice sorceress. Volunteers from the audience will help conduct experiments with dry ice, fog, bubbles, flying rockets and more!
July 14 The Forgotten Friends Reptiles will visit again with their caretaker, Jesse Rothaker.  They’re friendly, peaceful and some of the most interesting creatures you’ll ever meet!
July 21 The Amazing Magi Presents “Once Upon A Reader: Fairy Tales, Myths, Imagination and the Magic of Reading!” This program is full of funny characters, clapping, singing, and tricks of magic, followed by petting and photos with Bam-Bam the rabbit.
July 28 Cissy and the Man tell a fun story filled with smiles and laughter with every performance that features juggling and clowning!
August 4 Ventriloquist Tom Crowl brings a cast of characters to the library that are guaranteed to have you rolling in the aisles with laughter!
August 11 It’s Fee, Fi, Fo Funny when mythical monsters, heroic heroes and ridiculous rescues take place right here at the library when Emperor Norton’s World Of Fables visits!

For tweens and teens ages third grade and older, this is the 2020 schedule of programs.   Programs are presented on Thursdays at 2 PM; each program is one hour long.  Programs  are presented by the Lancaster County Department of Parks & Recreation Environmental Education Team (unless otherwise noted).



June 18 Mythical Clay Mammals: Learn about Pennsylvania mammals in this hands on learning experience using real furs and skulls from individual mammals; participants will create their own mystical mammals out of clay.
June 25 The Starlight Story of Orion and Scorpius: Our ancestors knew the night sky like the back of their hands. They observed the sky until they found patterns in the stars and utilized them as tools for navigation. They projected their legends of heroes and fables onto groups of stars and made the very first constellations. After listening to the Greek myth about Orion and Scorpius,  we’ll recreate a lovely depiction of the famous constellations with paint and paper. (This program is presented by Matthews Public Library staff.)
July 2 Growing A Beanstalk: After a reading of the fairy tale “Jack And The Beanstalk,” we’ll learn about starting seeds, how they grow, and the parts of a plant; participants will make recycled newspaper pots and plant beans to grow at home. Young children will need adult helpers.
July 9 Fairytale Story Stones: After listening to the fable “The Crow And The Pitcher,” we’ll learn to identify  types of stones; participants will paint stones to take home as pets. (This program is presented by Matthews Public Library staff.)
July 16 Trees as Friends: After listening to the fable “The Fir Tree And The Bramble,” we’ll learn to identify different types of wood and trees using real wood samples; participants will paint wood slices to use as a decorative ornaments. (This program is presented by Matthews Public Library staff.)
July 23 The Story Johnny Appleseed & Cider-Making: After listening to the story of Johnny Appleseed, we’ll learn about Johnny’s life journey and the history of the apple. Participants will help to make apple cider with an authentic wood apple press. Participants wishing to drink the home-made cider must sign a liability waiver (parents must sign for minors).
July 30 A Habitat Story: After a reading of I Took A Walk by Henry Cole,  we’ll learn about a variety of habitats, and participants will play the Habitat Game, testing their knowledge while staying on the move.  Finally, participants will design their own habitat with critters, using a mosaic style of art, and create a story based on their creation.
August 6 Miss Spider And Friends: After a reading of Miss Spider’s Tea Party by David Kirk, we’ll learn to separate truth from fiction and think about differences between insects and spiders; participants will then head outside with bug boxes and nets where we’ll find and observe as many arthropods as possible

For teens ages 13+ and adults of all ages, pick up a BINGO card at the library this summer, and start reading!  Books must be read over the summer.  You can choose any book or activity that fits the category in a square, and READ!  Achieve BINGO by completing the activities in five squares in a line (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally).  Track your progress by filling in the required information in the squares of your choice.  If you need help with book suggestions for the categories on the BINGO card, please ask for help the next time you come to the library–we love talking books–or go to this link where you can find some online book lists for title suggestions that you can then search for in our online catalog or on OverDrive to borrow.  Complete a BINGO and turn in your card by or on Saturday, August 15, 2020, to receive 1 chance to win the prize(s) we’re raffling off.  All prize drawing entries must be turned by library closing on Saturday, August 15, 2020, to be eligible for the prize drawing.  READ and REPEAT!  Pick up another BINGO card to complete for another chance to enter to win prizes!  Winners will be notified on the Tuesday following the deadline by their preferred method of contact to collect their prizes.


Can I start the program after the official start date? Yes!

Can I count reading I did before the official start date? We ask that you only count reading you did after the official start date.

Can I complete more than one BINGO card? Yes; you may complete as many BINGOs as you want!

Do eBooks and audiobooks count? Yes, they sure do!

The library is closed until further notice due to the coronavirus crisis.